Step up Ontario/GASP Videos

GASP has created three educational  Step Up Ontario videos on 

Highway 413, sprawl, & uncontrolled development.

Lorraine Green and Carole Holmes, GASP co-founders, released three short (two minute) educational videos in the Spring of 2023.  Lorraine writes: “ We hope you will watch all three Step Up Ontario videos, with voice-over by our inspiring, amazing co-chair, Carole. Please share them widely with family and friends, as we see them as educational tools which we hope will galvanize people to action.”

Video 1. ” What We Have to Lose” – YouTube
Video 2. ” Forces that Threaten the Natural Environment” –  The video on YouTube starts 5 seconds in – please drag to the start of the video. YouTube
Video 3. ” The Solutions are Many” – YouTube

Other GASP Videos: 

Nov 12, 2020 GASP webinar with Leah Gazan on a Guaranteed Liveable Income  – YouTube

March 2021 GASP webinar on Seth Klein’s book “The Good War” in March 2021 – YouTube

In this webinar, Seth Klein explains how the federal and provincial governments still don’t treat climate change as an emergency. They need to show leadership and draw lessons from history in four ways:

1. Spend what it takes to win
2. Create new economic institutions to get the job done
3. Shift from voluntary and incentive-based policies to mandatory measures
4. Tell the truth about the severity of the crisis

July 2021 – GASP create mp4 “Sing for the Climate”YouTube

March 2022 – GASP Video featuring founders Carole Holmes and Lorraine Green along with youth activist Lucy Sanci – YouTube

GASP reviews the causes of the climate crisis given our lifestyles. The video shares solutions and why GASP exists.

July 2022 – GASP members singing “Where Have All the Tories Gone?”- YouTube

The Ontario government has a pattern of making decisions without consulting key stakeholders. Where is the transparency?

May 2023 – Impact of Air Pollution on Health with Dr. Mili Roy – zoom link