About Us

We, women of a certain age, have the benefit of life experience and the time to get things done. We can be advocates for the common good: activists for a sustainable world.

GASPs want to model themselves on our indigenous grandmother sisters, the ‘wisdom carriers’, the elders, who look out for the best interests of the next 7 generations.

It is our generation that has polluted the planet for our convenience and our greed. Our grandchildren will pay the price. They will certainly ask “What did you do, Grandma, when you knew?”

We have an emergency! GASP wants drastic immediate action. Partisan politics must take a back seat to our survival.

GASP was recently profiled in the Oakville News.

Who we are

Grand(m)others Act to Save the Planet (GASP) is a grass-roots non-partisan community group committed to climate action and advocacy.

Scientific evidence confirms that climate change is happening and that we humans, mainly in developed countries, are causing it.  We’re putting everything we love – including kids and grandkids and virtually all life on this beautiful planet – at grave risk by continuing to burn climate-warming fossil fuels.

“We also have the know-how to create a whole new green economy, already offering a promising glimpse of our future. But – the biggest question of all – do we have the guts and gumption to make sure it happens?”   Liz Armstrong, GASP member

Liz Armstrong is author of “A Handbook on Climate Action for Baby Boomers.”

What we do

We are committed to social and climate justice. To achieve our goals we:

  • advocate at all levels of government
  • educate ourselves and key stakeholders
  • join community activists in rallies, petitions, and meetings with politicians
  • unite with youth/Indigenous peoples in support of climate and social justice

“Just remember that every day you live, you make an impact on the planet. You have a choice as to what sort of impact you make. When we are more affluent, we have a greater choice. And if we all make ethical choices, then we start moving towards a world that will be not quite so desperate to leave to our great-grandchildren.”  Jane Goodall


GASP believes grandmothers and grandkids have a unique voice. We join voices in unison with our grandchildren for a sustainable future. GASP believes everyone must coalesce on the most critical urgent challenge of our lifetime. For seniors, leaving a green legacy for the next generation is a compelling call to action.

How We Work

GASP gives voice to a wide variety of issues relating to social and climate justice. Members are invited to take leadership roles on issues that are of particular concern to them. We see ourselves as nimble and quick activists. Our structure is very simple:

GASP Co-Chairs:  Provide positive, effective and educational environmental leadership to members through advocacy, action and awareness of the Climate Crisis.

Standing Teams:

  • Education Team: To educate ourselves; raise public awareness; and invite engagement and mobilization. This is done through GASP Weekend Wrap-ups, social media, newsletters, campaigns, petitions, events, and presentations (via Zoom during COVID -19).
  • Political Action Team: Our Social Media activity is directed by this team. It advocates for a just and green society for all. Ad hoc teams are formed on a variety of issues, as needed, being creative, bold and strategic.


  • Bank Campaign to pressure Canadian banks to stop the funding of fossil fuel projects
  • Pension Plan Divestment
  • Guaranteed Liveable Income (GLI)
  • Ford Watch
  • Support for other environmental groups on issues such as Water,  Plastics, Wetlands, Hwy. 413, Rural Ecosystems, etc.

The GASP Backstory

Our history makes us who we are today. Our founders, Carole Holmes and Lorraine Green, wrote the story of the three-year journey that led to the formation of GASP in May 2019. Read More

GASP Year One – May 2019 to 2020

Carole Holmes and Lorraine Green look back over the first year – what has GASP accomplished?

Learning the Climate Science

  • Our first priority was to educate ourselves thoroughly on climate issues. As women who have been lifelong activists, we needed to know and share quality resources.  We also recognized that we were addressing climate change based on science as much as passion about the world we leave our descendants. Read More