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Our current major campaigns are:

1. The Ford government is harming Ontario’s environmental future

The Ford Government has become an ‘obstacle’ to climate change progress, spending $30 million in 2019 to fight the federal carbon price in court. In April 2020, citing COVID-19, Ford suspended environmental protections. GASP, along with many other environmental groups, wrote to the government that these protections be restored. In June 2020, Ford reversed his decision.

Since Ford took office, Ontario has cancelled 227 clean energy projects, wound down conservation programs, weakened endangered species protections and has taken away powers from the province’s environmental commissioner. The commissioner is meant to hold the government accountable. With such a history, GASP found it necessary to keep a close watch on Ford.

In November 2020, the government slipped in drastic changes to its omnibus budget Bill 229. This Bill limits the role of conservation authorities in the development approval process by allowing government ministers to issue permits (MZOs) for development on environmentally sensitive lands. It also allows ministers to override decisions made by authorities to restrict development. Government actions are undermining watershed planning. They are also putting  our natural heritage and the future of the Greenbelt at risk.

Links for immediate action:

Read more here:David Crombie resigns as chair of Greenbelt Council over Ford government’s move to push through changes to limit conservation authorities’ mandate | The Star
Seven members of Doug Ford’s Greenbelt Council resign over conservation authority changes | National Observer
Statement by Executive Director Tim Gray on Today’s Resignation of David Crombie, Chair of the Greenbelt Council – Environmental Defence
Creating Livable Communities – Environmental Defence
Ontario Greenbelt Alliance | Ontario Greenbelt Alliance

2.  Banks

Burning fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas – is the main driver of the global climate crisis. In the four-year period (2016-2019), since the Paris Accord, 35 banks have funneled (US) $2.7 Trillion into existing and new fossil fuel projects. Canada’s Big Five Banks are among the worst offenders. Of the “dirty dozen” banks, RBC and TD rank #5 and #8, so we have focused our campaign on them. Download a copy of The 2020 Banking on Climate Change report here www.ran.org/bankingonclimatechange2020

We are asking RBC and TD to disclose timelines and transparent plans for stopping funding of fossil fuel projects, sacrificing our climate to make a profit and our grandchildren’s futures. Letters have been sent to both CEO’s, plus their Board of Directors. Just recently, over 925 postcards have been mailed to RBC and TD branches.

Link for immediate action:

Climate Pledge Collective – www.climatepledgecollective.org

3.  Pension Plans

Engaging with your pension plan is an effective way to create systemic change to protect our climate and your retirement.

Link for immediate action:

SHIFT – Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health www.shiftaction.ca

4.  Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI)

Why Guaranteed Liveable Basic Income? Currently Canada, the Provinces and Territories have a patchwork of services to meet the needs of citizens that are often hard to apply for, hard to understand and fall short of providing enough money to meet the needs of families and individuals. GLI will be part of a robust system of social spending and programs including health care, mental health care, pharmacare, childcare, and education.  As well, it will strengthen labour and housing rights and regulations to ensure fair wages, benefits and access to affordable housing. The end result will be improved mental and physical health, stronger and more resilient communities and better economic outcomes without reducing the amount of work people are prepared to do. Canada already has some programs like this – Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement for low-income seniors. GLI will be able to be rolled out in similar fashion.

The House of Commons has not yet voted on MP Leah Gazan’s Motion 46, calling for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income program in Canada. This will happen sometime in the New Year.

Links for immediate action:


GASP webinar, November 12,  2020, with MP Leah Gazan, former Senator Hugh Segal, and Tom Cooper, Hamilton Roundtable can be viewed below.


“A Federal Basic Income Within the Post COVID -19 Economic Recovery Plan”, by Hugh Segal, Evelyn Forget, Keith Banting, 2020. View below: